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WA HVAC Services in Monroe

Are you in need of HVAC installation or repair services in the Monroe, WA area? We would love to help you! For reliable heating, cooling, and air quality services in Monroe, Clean Air Heating & Cooling is the company to call.

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  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • We Offer A 25% Utility Savings Guarantee

Our HVAC Services

We provide fully licensed and insured heating and cooling services to our clients in the Monroe, WA area.

Air Conditioning

Our HVAC experts specialize in air conditioning services, offering installation, repair, and maintenance solutions to keep you cool during hot summers, ensuring optimal indoor comfort for your home or business.

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Stay warm and cozy throughout the winter with our furnace services. Our skilled technicians provide reliable installation, repair, and maintenance for efficient heating, ensuring your comfort during chilly months.

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Heat Pumps

Experience year-round comfort with our heat pump services. We offer installation, repair, and maintenance for these versatile systems that provide both heating and cooling, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing utility costs.

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Enjoy flexible climate control with our mini-split services. Our technicians specialize in the installation, repair, and maintenance of these compact systems, allowing personalized comfort settings in specific zones without the need for ductwork.

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Indoor Air Quality

Breathe cleaner air with our indoor air quality services. We provide solutions such as air purifiers, humidifiers, and ventilation systems to reduce allergens, remove pollutants, and improve overall air quality for a healthier living environment.

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Radiant Floor Heating

Experience the luxury of radiant floor heating. Our experts offer installation and repair services for this efficient and comfortable heating solution, ensuring even warmth throughout your home or business.

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Duct Cleaning

Improve your indoor air quality with our professional duct cleaning services. Our skilled technicians remove dust, debris, and allergens from your ductwork, enhancing the efficiency of your HVAC system and promoting healthier air circulation.

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Call Clean Air For The Best HVAC Services in Monroe, WA

Are you looking for a reliable HVAC company for quick and exceptional services in Monroe? If so, look no further than Clean Air Heating & Cooling. Our team takes great pride in serving the residents of Monroe with reliable, high-quality HVAC services at exceptional prices. Our team has a wide range of training and experience to tackle a wide range of heating and cooling problems, and we are dedicated to offering nothing less than the best service possible. Our company was built on relationships, and we continue to do that today in Snohomish County, by treating you like family.

Need An HVAC Service You Can Trust in Monroe, WA

If you’re on the hunt for an HVAC service that provides quality customer care and a craftsman’s eye for details, Clean Air is the way to go. Serving Monroe and many other parts of northwest Washington state, Clean Air is not just our company name – it is what we provide and guarantee. Since we are licensed and insured, Clean Air can assure the service you are getting goes beyond the standard.

Locally-owned and operated, Clean Air Heating and Cooling can make your house a home thanks to our decades of combined experience in the HVAC world.

Our focus on the customer experience separates us from the rest of the pack. We built Clean Air on the backs of our many relationships throughout the northwest Washington state community. It is those relationships that allow us to treat our customers like family. With hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google, Clean Air backs up our service with an army of truly satisfied customers.

Our Services

Clean Air takes care of everything for heating and cooling systems inside your home. Here’s what we offer as part of our 5-star services:

24/7 Emergency Service

Ever have your heat go out during the coldest Washington winter day? Has that warm water that gets you through after a tough day at the office gone stone cold due to a dead water heater? Has a particularly sweltering day during the summer forced you to stand in front of a fan for even the slightest bit of relief?

Clean Air is available to bring comfort back to you with our 24/7 emergency service. Give us a call, and we’ll be there.


Need heating work? Clean Air can do it. We handle it all from installation to repair. Winter does not have to be a struggle for you. Our focus on honesty and transparency means fair pricing and less shivering under a mountain of heavy blankets.

We want you to feel the heat the moment you step out of bed. Clean Air also installs radiant floor heating for a cozy experience from the ground up.


Spring and summer mean your HVAC unit is about to get a workout. We can install a new unit, repair your old one, or perform routine yearly maintenance. No more sweating in your home in hopes your HVAC unit is just having a bad day.

Clean Air will come to your home for an appointment and create a customized plan to help get your home back to 68 degrees.

Heat Pumps

Your heat pump is laser-focused on keeping your home warm, so why don’t you do it a favor and find someone who can keep it running? Our heat pump services are here to ensure your unit is working like a well-oiled machine. We even install and service ductless heat pumps to make your home energy efficient!


No more going down to the basement or into the garage to argue with the furnace. Instead, we will grab every tool we have to fight on your behalf. And by fight, we mean we will inspect, diagnose, and get you back to arguing with your family via text message instead. Clean Air can also get you hooked up with a new furnace if it is time to replace the one you have.

Air Quality

With concerns over air quality rising, Clean Air has also mastered the art of ensuring the air in your home is worth breathing. We install the latest air quality technology to eliminate 99.9 percent of contaminants and service your air filters. Take a deep breath. The air is fine.

Energy Savings

Energy savings inside your home can come from Clean Air. Our 25% Utility Savings Guarantee means we can audit your home for energy loss and find the trouble spots costing you money. From duct leakage, sealing, insulation, and programmable thermostats, we only succeed when you save money.


A fireplace can be a focal point for your living room or bedroom. Clean Air works to clean your existing fireplace, install a new one, or even convert your wood-burning fireplace to gas. An inviting fireplace will create warmth and coziness not matched by anything else.

Duct Cleaning and Sealing

Air ducts can be disgusting. Clean Air’s experts dig deep into your ductwork to see if cleaning can help eliminate harmful allergens making you and your family sick. We also hunt for air leaks inside your ducts that can cost you hundreds in wasted energy costs every year. We find the source, seal it off, and help you save that money.


Is your home cooled and heated by individual mini-splits? Clean Air services and installs those, too. Imagine a home where every room has its own climate control. Our mini split service is here to help you achieve total comfort in any room.

We have you covered with our slate of services. The best part is that our services are so focused on saving you money we guarantee we can reduce your energy bill by 25 percent. Ask about our 25% Utility Savings Guarantee during your free estimate.

Contact Us For More Help

Clean Air Heating and Cooling offers free estimates on all our calls. We want to work with you, so we make it a treat from the beginning. All you need to do is pick up the phone and dial (360) 398-9400 or contact us with this form. Our team of experts is ready to bring comfort to your home!

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